We can help when you need to move critical functions to the cloud, load test a new system, or become certified for regulatory purposes.

Idea → Product

Identify a Minimum Viable Product, create a prototype, or evaluate whether to build versus buy. We'll help identify the correct course of action.

Lifecycle Tuning

Our deep experience in software development lifecycle management—from Waterfall through Agile—can help maximize your team's productivity.

How can Formatec help you?

Our principal consultant, Steve Macdonald, has extensive industry experience in the United States and Canada. From Wall Street to Silicon Valley, from Bay Street to the emerging regional tech hub in Halifax, Steve has worked with firms ranging in size from General Electric Co. down to two-person startups. Our associate consultants also boast extensive, hands-on experience on numerous successful projects. Formatec personnel have delivered services and products in the following industries:

  1. Commercial Aviation
  2. Financial Services
  3. Insurance
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Oil & Gas
  6. Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences
  7. Telecommunications and Cable TV


Formatec is proud to be associated with Novawise Inc. We provide consulting and support services for this cutting-edge mobile data-capture platform.