Formatec partners have deep experience in the industry, ranging from C-level roles at public companies to hands-on experience with infrastructure. We specialize in guiding firms through technological change, whether it involves developing a new application or migrating existing services to the cloud. Many of our clients report that simply having a fresh set of experienced eyes manages to clarify and help resolve some difficult IT business problems. Contact us today to see if we can help you.


Validation, migration and testing — we can help when you need to move critical functions to the cloud, load test a new system, or become certified for regulatory purposes.


At Formatec we've worked on dozens of major projects over the years. We're steeped in a range of technological paradigms, from host-based OLTP to the latest cloud-based PaaS. This breadth and depth of experience allows us to provide a vital service to organizations that are in the process of embracing a new or updated system architecture. We'll conduct an in-depth analysis of your planned approach. Then we'll provide detailed feedback, guidance and ultimately validation that the approach is sound.


From simple web services to large-scale redeployment in the cloud, we have assisted on dozens of migration projects. The cost of maintaining on-premises data centers or servers is rapidly becoming a serious competitive damper. Formatec can help you decide what aspects of your infrastructure should be moved, and in what order. Formatec specializes in the Microsoft Azure, and Heroku platforms.


Our extensive experience in enterprise system testing can help you achieve the levels of reliability and predictability you need. We can help load test existing systems in order to assess stability or help scale during a growth phase. We can also assist at the other end of the spectrum, advising on TDD and unit testing strategies.

Formatec is pleased to offer our new cloud-based mobile app testing service, powered by Xamarin.

Product Development

Our experienced consultants can help identify a minimum viable product (MVP).

“The minimum viable product (MVP), as defined by Eric Ries, is a learning vehicle. It allows you to test an idea by exposing an early version of your product to the target users and customers, to collect the relevant data, and to learn form it.”

We build working prototypes to you help better understand your proposed new product. Iterating at this early stage dramatically reduces overall development cost. Formatec can also help you decide when to build new technology, and when to leverage existing products and services.

Lifecycle Tuning

Define, design, develop, deploy, maintain.

Our deep experience in software development lifecycle management—from Waterfall through Agile—can help maximize your team's productivity.